Types of Diagram in UML

There are no clear boundaries between the diverse concepts and construction in the UML, but for easier understanding, the UML is divided into several views or views. View or simple view is part of the construction of UML modeling that represent aspects of a system. The division into view or a different view is not something that is standard depending on the needs, but it is expected by the view will facilitate kosntruksi UML. One or more of the diagram represents the concept of visual notation on any view or pastures.

Here are the types of diagrams in UML:
  • The class diagram
  • Use case diagram
  • diagram components
  • deployment diagram
  • status diagram
  • diagram activity
  • sequence diagram
  • collaboration diagram

The steps to create UML

UML is a diagram of interrelated therefore the need for consistency of design diagram with one another, not the original drawing.

Sequence diagrams and interrelationships will be discussed in subsequent chapters and how the depiction of UML diagrams.
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