Advantages Using Microsoft Axapta

Known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is a business application that has various integrated modules, such as module manufacturing, module Supply Chain Management (SCM), financial management module, and the module business analysis. Microsoft Axapta can integrate the various parts of the company and expedite the receipt of information from each unit / department concerned, so it can help managers and top management levels provide strategic-positioned based on the information generated in the application of decision support. 

Microsoft Axapta is more suitable for use on the company in the field of production (manufacturing) and for companies that have multiple locations.
Here Advantages of Microsoft Axapta
  • Microsoft Axapta has a way of working that is flexible and easy to do modifications
  • Microsoft Axapta have easily receive the latest information from the various departments in the company and can even update the data from different enterprise branch office locations
  • Using the Microsoft platform that makes it easy to integrate with other Microsoft products
  • Display software similar to Microsoft applications in general, making it easier for users to use.
Disadvantages following Microsoft Axapta
  • Microsoft Axapta has only a few modules are rated less complete and no support for some parts of the company.
  • Microsoft Axapta is only suitable for the Microsoft platform.

Modules that are used in Microsoft Axapta
  • General Ledger - ledger, sales tax, currency, and fixed assets features
  • Bank Management - receives and pays cash
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Business relations contact and maintenance (customers, vendors, and leads)
  • Accounts Receivable - order entry, shipping, and invoicing
  • Accounts Payable - purchase orders, goods received into inventory
  • Inventory Management - inventory management and valuation [9]
  • Master Planning (resources) - purchase and production planning
  • Production - bills of materials, manufacturing tracking
  • Product Builder - product creation and maintenance mode
  • Human Resources - employee information
  • Project Accounting - creation and tracking projects (primarily from an accounting perspective)
  • Basic - Data configuration
  • Administration Module - system configuration
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Sales and Marketing
For those of you who are interested to use more Microsoft Axapta can go to his forum in the Dynamics AX User Group (AXUG). In the forum met by users to companies that use the software.
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