List of The Fastest Smartphone in 2016

2016 will soon be over, fans of gadgets this year for sure going to confusion with the many gadgets out of some well-known vendors in the world.

To check the speed, benchmarker usually use antutu for check their phone speed. And antutu give a list for the Fastest phone in 2016. want to know what the list is? The following list below:
 The Winner of Fastest Smartphone is iPhone 7 Plus.

The Apple gadget successfully defended its position since last September. Successor to the iPhone 6S Plus it reach score 172644.

In the second and third position is still the same as the previous two months. Yes, there iPhone 7 with Score 170124 and Le Pro Leeco 3 with 160856.

In November of this list, there are two mobile phones as new residents. They are the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Huawei Mate 9. Mobile Mi Note 2 position six with a Score of 148352. While Mate 9 ranks seventh with a score of 146 942.
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