Preparation of Employees in ERP Implementation

In implementing the ERP, the company's internal employees sometimes feel unprepared for the training (training), felt he could not feel unsafe or jikau accept the changes. This problem will impact interfere or inhibit the process of preparation of employees.

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To overcome this, the company can take several steps as follows:
  • To demonstrate that the technology needed to improve the competitiveness and capabilities. For that employees should have the adaptability to evolving technology environment.
  • The training is done gradually, for increasing the skills need stages of the process, if not the employees will have difficulty in adapting.
  • Replacement of employees of the company by recruiting new workers who have mastered the technology of information. However, it should be considered, due to the replacement of new workers can be perceived as a threat to job security bagia existing Human Resources.
  • Creating and preparing rewards for employees who successfully complete the training and prepare well. The award may provide a boost for employees to develop

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Types of Training for employees

In the ERP training for employees, training materials arranged in a systematic and simple, so easy to learn and can be used as a guide book for any level user in running an application program. For training to be able to provide optimal results to the participants of the training, it is necessary to note the types of training, as follows:

Operator Training
The training materials were given to operator training are technical procedures that need to be discussed in operator training, such as:
- Daily Run Activities
Is the technical steps in running an application program, that is, from start to end a daily transactions.
- Periodic Report Preparation
Is the technical steps in making or preparing for the preparation of reports from an application program.
- Emergency Procedure
Are technical measures that must be done in case of an emergency, such as a computer server hange, occurred off the lights, and so forth,

Direct User Training
The training material is provided to the user direct or secondary level users, ie staff (personnel) who are directly involved in handling or using the ERP system.
Things that need to be discussed and tested, are as follows:
- Data Entry Procedure, ie do the data entry step of each transaction application program.
- Inquiries, ie commands that must dientry in any application transaction program
- Edit (modify) the data is already dientry, the steps that must be done in performing edit an entry data that has been done before.
- Running Report, ie commands that must be done in preparing a reports from an application program.

User Management Training.
The training materials were given to the management level of the concept of the Information Systems and Computerized, Control (control) in the information system, the basic procedure is the change from manual to automation.
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